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Constantinos Great *****


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Nestled on the sun-kissed shores of Cyprus, Constantinos The Great Beach Hotel offers teams the perfect blend of leisure and athletic rigor. Boasting direct beach access, this hotel provides an ideal setting for teams seeking a serene environment to focus on training while enjoying the Mediterranean climate.

The hotel features modern amenities suitable for professional teams, with well-appointed rooms offering stunning sea views, encouraging relaxation and mental preparation for rigorous training sessions. The proximity to high-quality football pitches ensures that teams have convenient training schedules, minimizing transit time and maximizing on-field work.

Constantinos The Great Beach Hotel's commitment to catering to the specific needs of sports teams is evident in its comprehensive facilities, including a fully equipped gym, rejuvenating spa services, and tailored nutrition plans to enhance performance and recovery.

Choosing Constantinos The Great Beach Hotel means selecting a venue dedicated to excellence, where teams can not only prepare for the competitive season but also bond and build unity in an environment that mirrors the professional standards of the beautiful game.

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Training field:


65km, 48 minutes

10 fields in sports centre (15 minutes)



Constantinos Great *****

Constantinos The Great Beach Hotel, Protara, Protaras, Cyprus



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