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Royal M Hotel & Resort*****


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Situated in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the Royal M Hotel & Resort is an epitome of luxury, catering to the discerning needs of athletes and teams. This opulent resort is not just a retreat but a high-end destination combining lavish comfort with access to premier sports facilities. Each room and suite is designed to provide serene relaxation, making it an ideal environment for athletes to unwind and rejuvenate. Close proximity to some of Abu Dhabi's best training venues ensures that teams can focus on their athletic goals without compromising on comfort and luxury. The Royal M Hotel & Resort is more than a stay; it's an experience that encompasses gourmet dining, exceptional service, and a commitment to excellence, setting the stage for a successful and memorable training camp.

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Training field:


34 km, 28 minutes

2 fields in sports centre ( 16 minutes by bus)



Royal M Hotel & Resort*****

Al Bateen Marina King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street - شارع القُفَّال - Abu Dhabi - ОАЭ



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