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Ararat Armenia vs FC Ural | Friendly match

On 09/02/2022 we organised a friendly match between FC Ararat Armenia and FC Ural. The match was held in Sharjah Sports Complex.

FC Ural main coach Igor Shalimov involved a lot of young players, also two players from Ural-2, who arrived at the team's location this morning.

In the debut of the match, FC Pyunikt took over the initiative. They managed to translate the game advantage into two goals. FC Ural leveled the game and moved it to the center of the field in the middle of the half. Both teams exchanged positional attacks, which rarely reached dangerous moments.

In the 71st minute it led to the result, Eric Bikfalvi scored a beautiful goal from Denis Kulakov's pass. After that, Ural had the initiative, the ball was mostly kept in the half of the field of the Armenian team. However, there were no more goals. Full match FC Ararat Armenia vs FC Ural:

Highlights FC Ararat Armenia vs FC Ural:


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