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Botev Plovdiv vs Legia Warsaw | Friendly match

On 15/01/2022 we organised a friendly match between Botev Plovdiv and Legia Warsaw from Poland. The match was held in Jebel Ali Shooting Club, with support of fans of fans of both clubs. Botev's team lost 0: 2 to Legia (Warsaw) in their first control during the camp in Dubai.

Botev played a strong first half, in which they created many goal positions, but failed to realize them. After the break, the pace of the game dropped and the situations in front of both doors were almost non-existent.

In the 4th minute Dimitar Tonev was brought face to face with the goalkeeper of Legia, but Artur Boruts intervened perfectly and parried the shot, thus the midfielder missed an excellent opportunity. In less than 180 seconds, the "yellow-blacks" made another serious omission.

A short corner kick and a short play sent the ball to Dimitar Tonev, who passed the ball between the defense and brought Brahimi alone against the goalkeeper of Legia. The attacking football player controlled and shot, and the ball went past the crossbar.

After the active start of the "yellow-blacks", the Poles took the lead. In the 16th minute, a mistake by Minkov led to a quick attack by Legia, which ended with an inaccurate shot from 20 meters on Pesqueira.

In the 27th minute Mohamed Brahimi made another good performance after the attacking player made a beautiful shot from medium distance, but the experienced Borutz intervened in the best way and took a corner.

In the 31st minute Marquinhos fought for the ball in the half of the Legion and shot from the edge of the penalty area, and Borutz with a new brilliant performance parried the shot. Thus came the 36th minute, in which Josue Pesqueira opened the scoring with a beautiful shot from the corner of the penalty area.

On several occasions Botev's defense failed to clear the ball and it landed in Josue, who transferred Georgi Argilashki with an elegant technical performance. By the end of the first half, Marquinhos scored with an inaccurate shot.

After the break, the pace of play slowed down, and many changes were made in the composition of both teams. In the first minutes of the second part, heavy rain fell over Dubai, but it lasted only ten minutes.

In the 52nd minute, Reda Rabey, who appeared at the break, made a weak shot, which did not hinder Borutz. The Whites responded with an inaccurate blow to Vietasca.

In the 71st minute Antoine Baroin scored with an inaccurate shot, and eight minutes later the Poles decided everything in the match with a second goal. Igor Strzalek was brought out alone against Georgi Argilashki and passed the ball under the plunge of the goalkeeper.

Two minutes later Reda Rabey made a very dangerous shot that sent the ball inches from the crossbar. Ciepiela missed with a header, and by the end of the match Lachezar Baltanov and Antoine Baroan missed positions for Botev.

Botev's next control in Dubai is on January 22 against Russian FC Zenit. Match gallery:


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