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FC Cukaricki vs FC Shaktar Donetsk | Friendly match | Turkey

Cukaricki - Shakhtar 6: 0 (2: 0)

Scorers: 1: 0 - Baic in 18, 2: 0 - Rogan in 45, 3: 0 - Bosnic in 72, 4: 0 - Spasojevic in 79, 5: 0 - Spasojevic in 82, 6: 0 - Spasojevic in 88. minute. Stadium: "Mardan 2" in Belek. Referee: Belezoglu.

ČUKARIČKI: Mićović (from 53. Kaličanin), Baić (from 46. Spasojević), Lučić (from 53. Bosnić), Drezgić (from 53. Ajdar), Petković (from 53. Kamenović), Rogan (from 46. Veličković), Grgić (from 46. Miladinović), Lukić, Ergelaš (from 46. Glišić), Kadijević (from 46. Đukić), Kovačević.

SHAKHTYOR: Tvardovsky, Drozd, Matviyev, Farina, Melenevsky, Kozishkurt, Bach, Siheyev, Vlad, Yushchenko, Plishkarev. They also played: Minchev, Chiko, Savchenko, Oharkov, Kristenko, Kimicev, Borisenko, Pushkarov, Makinya, Rosputko.

Cukaricki's young team played a fantastic match against Shakhtar Donetsk. Brđani celebrated with 6: 0, in a duel in which they had absolute dominance. Baić brought the white and blacks to the lead in the 18th minute, and Rogan doubled the advantage in the 45th minute. In the second half, Bosnić first scored a Euro goal, and then Spasojević finished the rival with a hat-trick.

From the start of the match, Cukaricki's young team has established dominance against Shakhtar. The White and Blacks, this time under the command of Pavle Delibašić and Zoran Rendulić, were a far better rival, they created hundreds of opportunities, and in the early phase of the match they took the lead. Already in the third minute, the returnee to Banovo brdo, Mihajlo Baić, could have scored a goal, he escaped the defense of the team from Donetsk, but he shot poorly from about 15 meters.

Four minutes later, Lukić tried the shot, and Shakhtar goalkeeper Tvarovskij managed to defend. However, what he did not do at the very start of the match, Baić corrected in the 18th minute. Brdjan's high pressure paid off, they won the white and black ball in the opponent's half, Baić again escaped the rival's defense, this time a precise and effective finish followed - 1: 0.

Cukaricki's players were not satisfied with that, they played almost constantly in the middle of Shakhtar, and the chances were reduced as if on a tape. Lukić had a good opportunity once again, but he did not manage to double the advantage, just like Rogan, after a great action and a pass from the left side, shot effectively with his head, but the Shakhtar goalkeeper saved his team.

As the halftime was coming to an end, the boys from Čukarički were more and more lively and dangerous in front of the goal of the rival with a resounding name. Brdjani confirmed their dominance in the 45th minute, when after another throw from the right, Rogan had time to receive the ball in the opponent's penalty area, and then routinely defeated Tvardovski - 2: 0.

Already at the start of the second half, Cukaricki had a chance, Glisic sent a return pass to Petkovic, who shot from the edge of the penalty area just over Shakhtar's goal. In the 52nd minute, Spasojevic also had a chance, but the Shakhtar goalkeeper "got into the shot" and managed to defend.

Cukaricki was able to reach the third goal in the 65th minute, after the penetration of Velickovic and the return pass, Lukic ran on the ball from 16 meters, but the opponent's defense blocked his shot. However, Lukić redeemed himself in the 72nd minute, when he lost Bosnić brilliantly, who effectively placed the ball in the opposite goalkeeper's corner from about 20 meters - 3: 0.

The young men from Čukarički did not stop there, so they quickly came to another colossal opportunity. Spasojevic lost Petkovic beautifully, whose shot was saved by the Shakhtar goalkeeper. However, in the 79th minute, the Ukrainians were not saved. This time, Miladinović stole the ball from the rivals, and in the end he shot, the goalkeeper of the team from Donetsk managed to defend once again, but Spasojević sent it all off brilliantly, who easily hit the then already empty net - 4: 0.

The suffering of the Ukrainians did not end there either. Already in the 82nd minute, Veličković centered excellently from the left side, Spasojević shot with his head, the Shakhtar goalkeeper caught the ball with his fingertips, which then bounced off the crossbar, right on Spasojević's leg - 5: 0. The same player completed the hat-trick two minutes before the end, when he reacted brilliantly after a teammate's shot, he was in the right place, he put his foot down and hit Shakhtar's net for the third time - 6: 0.


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