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FC Slovan vs Ararat Armenia | Friendly match

On 01/02/2022 we organised a friendly match between SK Slovan Bratislava and FC Ararat Armenia. The match was held in JA Shooting Club.

ŠK Slovan won the leader of the Armenian league FC Ararat-Armenia 3: 2 in the final preparatory match within the training camp in Dubai. Our goals were scored in the second half by Vladimír Weiss Jr., Samuel Mráz and Jaromír Zmrhal. We will play the last preparatory duel before the start of the spring part on Saturday, February 5 at 2:00 pm, when we will challenge ŠKF Sereď in Pasienky.

Belasí started off with a 4-4-2 lineup, Agbo. Our team started actively and in the initial minutes we had two chances to open the score. However, Green failed to face the goalkeeper after a separate escape. In the 6th minute after the standard, the defending player Araratu knocked the ball into the goalpost, Zmrhal subsequently got it into the net, but it seemed that through the external net, so the goal did not pay. Green was active in the 21st minute, sending a sharp shot, the goalkeeper covered the ball twice. Kankava, who fired from the second wave, turned out similarly. Ararat struck from his first opportunity, when first Šulla performed a good intervention with a sharp shot to the goalpost, but he did not reach Ambardzumjan's shot - 1: 0. At the end of the first half, the Slavs showed a nice signal from the standard,

Vladimir Weiss st. he took turns seven times over the half and the fresh players brought a revival, similar to Spartak. Zmrhal was able to level the ball by now. Mustafic also lacked little. We waited in the 59th minute after Weiss pushed Barseghjan to the right, who was illegally stopped at 16. Weiss converted the penalty with an overview, sent the goalkeeper to the opposite side - 1: 1. The tie lasted only eight minutes, as the whites made a mistake in the pass, which was punished by a free Lima - 1: 2. However, this moment excited our players and they showed a great turnaround. In the 71st minute, Mustafič's beautiful shot ended up on the crossbar. In what looked like a well-rehearsed move, the ball was headed backwards and reached Barseghjan, who had plenty of space to place a well aimed shot and score the 2 - 2 goal. Holman then fired nicely, the goalkeeper pushed the ball over. Right from the corner, however, Vernon found Zmrhala twice in the 16th, who with his head overcame everything that stood in his way - 2: 3. The debutant in the A-team, only 17-year-old goalkeeper Adam Hrdina, also took part in the final 10 minutes. The young man did not collect in our gate, the white people kept the lead and rejoiced in the first triumph in the new year 2022.

FC Ararat-Armenia - SK Slovan Bratislava 2: 3 (1: 0) - played at the training camp in Dubai (UAE)

Goals: 32. Ambardzumjan, 67. Lima - 59. Weiss (from 11 m), 73. Frost, 75. Zmrhal

Ararat: Abakumov - Dermenjyan, Narsingh, Avanesjan, Tera, Udo, Ambardzumjan, Otubanjo, Terterjan, Bueno, Klymenchuk, a new base eleven came during the break

Slavs: Šulla (46th Chovan, 82nd Hero) - Pauschek (46th Hrnčár), Agbo (46th Kašia), Božikov (46th Vernon), Vojtko (46th Weiss) - Barseghjan, Rabiu (46th Mustafič), Kankava, Zmrhal - Green (63rd Holman), Adler (46th Frost) Full match SK Slovan Bratislava vs FC Ararat Armenia:

Highlights SK Slovan Bratislava vs FC Ararat Armenia:


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