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Football training camps COVID restrictions | LaLiga approved training camps | Pinatar Arena

Pinatar Arena is one of the fewest places hosting professional football camps in Europe since summer. Teams like Valencia, Sevilla CF, Athletic Club, Villarreal CF, Elche, Mallorca, Tenerife, Leganés and Cartagena have stayed for preseason due to the anti COVID19 strict measures Pinatar is following at the training centre and at the hotels at the same time. In the links below you will have a chance to see how we worked with LaLiga during Summer. Two LaLiga clubs like Elche and Cartagena are training in Pinatar during the season following the official protocols.

Note that the four hotels offered by Pinatar Arena have full experience with football teams. Teams would be allocated in one exclusive floor directly connected with the private restaurant, meeting room, kit room, massage room with exclusive elevators. Training pitch would also be exclusive during the whole stay and facilities are cleaned and disinfected daily, following LaLiga approved COVID protocol.

La Finca Golf hotel features two pitches within the same resort. Teams staying in Thalasia and Lodomar will train in Pinatar Arena.

LaLiga COVID protocol has been created by the Spanish Ministry of Health, and it paved the way for teams to return to trainings after lock down period.

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Danielle Owen
Danielle Owen
Sep 13, 2021

Thank you forr writing this

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