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Highlights 2020

2020 has been definitely an unprecedented year from all points of view. It's been the most challenging, uncertain and complex year in the history of Authentic.Football. However, we are proud of our team, regardless of all difficulties we never stopped trying and thinking out of the box.

During this year, we have organised over 30 training camps in different locations such as Cyprus, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. Due to global pandemic, our training camps operations were on standby during summer season, constantly advising our clients on safety procedures and searching safe heavens.

At the same time, our athlete representation department managed to perform and arrange some important player and coaches transfers, such as: Ziga Lipuscek joining RFS; Dmitry Efremov, Stefan Strandberg and Danijel Miskic joining FC Ural; Gregor Balazic, Pele Van Anholt and Carlos Alos joining Enosis Paralimni; Dominik Dinga joining Dinamo Minsk; Denis Polyakov joining FC Kairat; Dmitri Parfenov joining Arsenal Tula. We are very proud that central defender Ziga Lipuscek and attacking Mailson Lima have been named as MVP by their respective leagues.

Furthermore, from a corporative perspective, we managed to create a rebranding, open several representative offices in different locations around the world (Turkey, Ukraine and Armenia) and launch our in-house analytical department and a friendly matches free platform streaming Matchbook.TV. We are passionate about what we do, and we are looking forward to new projects in the upcoming year.

As 2020 draws to a close with thankfully some ray of light that things will look brighter in 2021, we would like to thank all our stakeholders, including clients, partners and providers for your trust. Authentic.Football wishes you, your family, and colleagues a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

Some highlights:


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