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Italo | FC Ural

We are delighted to announce the transfer of Italo, the talented Brazilian central defender from Portuguese Santa Clara to FC Ural! 🤩⚽️ Thanks to the collaboration between our agency and our esteemed partner, Elenko Sports, this exciting move has become a reality. 🤝

Italo brings with him a wealth of experience and exceptional defensive skills that will undoubtedly strengthen team. With his unwavering commitment and tactical awareness, we are confident he will make a significant impact on the pitch. 🛡️🔥

A special thanks goes to our partner, Elenko Sports, for their invaluable support and collaboration throughout this process 🙏🌍

Stay tuned for updates on Italo's journey, as well as more exciting news from our agency and Elenko Sports 🌟🔥


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