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RFS vs Dinamo Moscow vs | Friendly match

On 13/02/2022 we organised a friendly match between Latvian Champions FC RFS and Dinamo Moscow from Russia. The match was held in Arcadia Sports Complex, Belek, with support of fans of both clubs. Exclusively broadcasted on Matchbook.TV. Dynamo started the match in a very strong line-up. From the first minutes, men such as Giljermo Valera, Diego Laksalt, Danil Fomin, Sebastian Shimansky and Fyodor Smolov left the field. Fabian Balbuena, Nikola Moro and Arsen Zaharjan came on to replace him. The value of these players is in the millions, but some of them exceed 10 million.

The injured Emersons, Vitaly Maksimenko, Vladislav Fyodorov, Nick Sliede and Arturs Zjuzins could not help RFS in this game. Everyone else was in line.

Dinamo started the match better. Opponents were able to attack in the first 20 minutes, following an attack on the right. In one of the situations, Vladislavs Sorokins knocked out the ball in front of the goal after a sharp pass from the right, but a moment later Vītauts Čerņausks performed perfectly in the pass.

RFS took the lead in the middle of the half. First, Renārs Varslavāns fell into the penalty area after contact with the opponent, but despite his protests, the referee did not award an 11-meter penalty. However, it only took a minute and the RFS could rejoice. Rigans actively pressed "Dinamo" on their side of the field and forced the Russian club to make a mistake. Tomislavs Šāričs took over the ball in the middle of the field, who immediately passed it to R. Varslavāns. The midfielder forwarded it to A. Iličs with one touch, who made a great shot from the edge of the penalty area with his left foot - 1: 0.

Dinamo was certainly not satisfied with such a result and soon after a mistake Jaroslav Gladushev's side kick was fouled by V. Čerņausks. After a while, F. Smolovs took a strong shot outside the penalty area, but the man of the Lithuanian goal was in his place again. Dinamo was closest to the goal after a very dangerous shot by D. Fomina in the near corner of the goal with the first touch, but the RFS saved V. Čerņauskas again.

The Riga club was very close to the second gate in the middle of the half. Petrs Maršs performed well in the penalty area, where A. Iličs dominated on the second floor. The Serbian striker made a perfect shot from a rather difficult situation in the frame, but in an incredible jump, the goalkeeper of Dinamo saved the team. At the end of the half, Kevin Friesenbihler hit from a good situation in the penalty area, but he was also prevented from scoring by Ivan Budačov, who made a great "shot". The first half also ended - RFS was in the lead with 1: 0.

The second half started with a quick goal from Dinamo. A. Zaharjans (1: 1) hit the goal from the air ball. RFS responded with A. Iličs' shot on the goal post from a particularly sharp angle after a long pass from K. Friesenbihler.

Full match 13/02/2022 RFS - Dinamo Moscow:

Highlights 13/02/2022 RFS - Dinamo Moscow:



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