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College Physics 10th Edition Young Pdf 463




There is also a new SLATE course “Physics (by Newton and Einstein)” for advanced students, available through Coursera. A number of open courses made their initial appearances in Physics, 10th Edition, including a quantitative course on statistical thermodynamics, based on Classical Probability by Jean-Paul Gibbs (more details and sample problems from this course are available at ). Succeeding an earlier efforts at a 5th edition of [@Lor], Paul Lorrain has returned to a 2nd edition of his popular introductory calculus-based physics text, “Physics: A Concise Course”, this time with the 5th edition of Calculus by Prof. Donald G. Woods (Indiana University), as the main text (“Calculus” is available as a public domain text). Supporting Coursera ------------------- The open source [Physics@Coursera] curriculum platform, developed by Livia Barbas, Willard Boyle, and Steven Gubitz, has been extended to include open courses from physics journals. These courses are presented with faculty that are either active researchers or those who serve as adjunct faculty, and who bring their unique perspectives to teaching. Many of these courses have been presented at workshops and conferences, and a number of them have been developed for use in an online classroom environment. Courses include “An introduction to String Theory” by Jayanta Sarkar and Romy Rana, “Quantum Field Theory” by Michael Ebert, “Gravity” by Peter Weiner, “Kerr–Newman Black Holes” by Alan Griffiths, “Probability, Statistics, and Data Analysis” by Sergey Meshkov, “Sleeping Beauty” by Eduardo Rojas, and “Heat Transfer” by Amy Boughner. A few of these courses have already been offered as public courses on the Coursera platform, and more are in the queue for future offers. Other initiatives ----------------- A number of other current or ongoing open initiatives include - *Introductory Physics with Bill Braswell* (available at ), a series of blog posts by Bill Braswell



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College Physics 10th Edition Young Pdf 463

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