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Since the developer is the owner of the land, it is necessary to start by analyzing the documents for this site. The developer is obliged, in addition to the building permit and the conclusion of conformity, to publish the project declaration on the website. In it we find an item concerning data on the land plot, including its cadastral number

We find the cadastral number of the land plot in the project declaration.

We take this number from the project declaration and open the Rosreestr data. By the cadastral number of the land plot, we make a request to the Rosreestr online directory and get the necessary data.

On the Rosreestr website, we drive in the number of the project declaration.

In special notes you can read about the type of use of the land. It should correspond to the residential development of apartment buildings. If we are talking about the construction of apartments, then this column may indicate “construction of a non-residential building”. But if “individual housing construction” is indicated there, an apartment building cannot be built on such a site. A large number of projects have already been demolished by court decision, but our citizens continue to “get into” such dubious projects.


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